Hi there, my name is Molly and I am an EAL instructor and a EAPD horse .  I am a Percheron-Belgian 15-yr-old mare.  I have a quiet nature and love to nuzzle.  I am very tall but once you meet me you will see that I am a great big softie. I'm very respectful of my herd's space and always allow them to go ahead of me.  In my herd of 13, I am the only female.  I think all the boys have a crush on me.  It's hard being popular.

Hi, I am Jersey and I am an EAL instructor and also a EAPD horse.  I LOVE people!!  I am a very friendly horse who really enjoys snuggles.  When I was younger I lived with some horses who hurt me.  My owner saved me and I love living here with my new friends. I am 11 years old.  My mom says I am like Donkey on Shrek, "Pick me, pick me!!"  I have a huge crush on Molly.

Hi I am Hugh!  I am and EAL instructor and an EAPD horse.   I LOVE to play and socialize.  My favourite thing is to follow people around, I am really nosey!  I like to know what everyone is doing and have fun.  I am 11 years old.  I have a huge crush on Molly.

Hello name is Jingles, an EAL instructor and EAPD horse. My owner likes to nickname me Barney, but I think Jingles suits me better because I am such an easy going guy to get along with. I am a Belgian and I am 9 years old. My better half is also a belgian and together we form a team of horses that pulls our wagon and sleigh.  I have a huge crush on Molly.